Leadership. Authority. Power. Command. Influence. Influence is the elephant in the boardroom. It is a word often repeated but rarely heard. It is what leadership, authority, power and command all have in common. Millions of business people talk about influence daily—while managing people, marketing products, brokering deals, courting new clients—without really understanding the vital role influence plays in their own success or failure and that of their organization. Most have no idea that influence, intelligently cultivated and attentively applied, is the single most important ingredient to effective leadership and unfettered profitability.

Influence is embedded in our notion of leadership, intrinsically understood by marketers to be the basis for sales dominance, fundamental to the ability to manage effectively and inspire teams. Yet the importance of influence to business performance remains hidden even as it represents the key to success across all functions of an organization. Dale Caldwell, the CEO of the international management consulting firm Strategic Influence, introduces a brilliant new approach to corporate strategy and leadership development in his new book Intelligent Influence: The 4 Steps of Highly Successful Leaders and Organizations. This fascinating book is transforming the way that the world looks at leadership and human interaction.
In the first section of the book, Dale introduces readers to each of the four steps of the Intelligent Influence framework. Section II of the book chronicles the amazing ways that legendary companies like Disney, Amazon, Clairol, Coca-Cola, Disney, Johnson & Johnson and Nike intuitively utilized Intelligent Influence to achieve extraordinary success. In Section III he shares fascinating stories about individuals who strategically used influence to accomplish their goals and objectives. The fourth and final section of the book provides interesting and informative exercises that help readers personalize the Intelligent Influence developmental process.

The unique approach to human interaction presented in Intelligent Influence: The 4 Steps of Highly Successful Leaders and Organizations is applicable to many different aspects of life. The Intelligent Influence process is successful because people around the world respond to influence in remarkably similar ways. From business to government, from nonprofits to politics, from parenting to religion, Intelligent Influence promises to rewrite the rules of how we communicate and move each other to transform the world. This exceptional book will help readers strategically use influence to achieve both their personal and professional goals.
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